Going Rouge

Robin Benway

4 Stars

I’m honestly surprised that more people haven’t heard of this series, especially considering the success the author, Robin Benway, had with Far From the Tree, which I absolutely loved. I read this series one after another, which I almost never do, but they were so much fun and I needed something to change my mood after reading Gone With the Wind. I loved Maggie’s character and the fact that, after everything she has been through, the one thing that causes her the most trouble is going to a real school. 
This series reminded me of the Gallagher Girls series in many ways. Both involved a girl who is, or is training to be, a spy. Both girls also get in trouble because they want- to some extent- to be “normal”, at least for a little while, even though one of them has practically lived at school her entire life, and for the other, this is her first time going to school or making friends. 
Speaking of which, I loved the friendship between Roux “Like Kanga” and Maggie. I think that they both were really good for each other in that they both had a little bit of an issue relying on people besides themselves because they didn’t know how, and it was good that they were both able to do that together. I think that Roux in this book especially learned how to confront some of the problems in her life, and simultaneously let go of them, which I think was an important set of events.
I found Angelo and Maggie’s parents to be great characters as well, and I thought it made it so much more of an interesting story that Maggie’s parents in particular were having a hard time finding the balance between letting Maggie do her job, and being the parents of a teenager, and in many ways Angelo was like a third parent to her.
I was a little sad to see the collective go, but I’m sure Maggie, Angelo, and all the other characters will continue with their missions in other ways.

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