Sister of the Bollywood Bride

Nandini Bajpai 5 Stars!! Yes yes yes!! This was one of the most fun reads I’ve had all year. The fact that there was not only Indian representation but Punjabi representation and not only Punjabi representation but Hindu Punjabi representation made my heart inexplicably happy. It didn’t hurt that the book somehow managed to combine a Crazy RichContinue reading “Sister of the Bollywood Bride”

Pride and Premeditation

Tirzah Price 2 Stars I really did expect to like this. Even though Pride and Prejudice isn’t my favorite Austen, it seemed like a Jane Austen murder mystery was hardly something that I would be able to find much wrong with. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. The biggest problem with this book was that itContinue reading “Pride and Premeditation”

The Little Mermaid’s Voice

Shonna Slayton 4 stars I always enjoy Shonna Slayton’s historical fantasies, and this was no different. I was especially excited for this one because I’ve only read one or two books set on the Titanic, and I’ve never even seen the famous movie. I thought that the idea behind this one was particularly interesting, asContinue reading “The Little Mermaid’s Voice”

Bookishness: Loving Books in a Digital Age

Jessica Pressman 2 stars To be honest, I was really excited about this, considering how much I love books about books, and the many “bookish” items that I see around me, especially because I have been reading more nonfiction recently after how much I loved The Library Book. However, this book was written with a very academicContinue reading “Bookishness: Loving Books in a Digital Age”

Love & Olives

Jenna Evans Welch 4 stars! Another amazing book by Jenna Evans Welch! While Love and Gelato is still my favorite of her novels, I’ve loved all of them so far and was especially excited when I heard this one was going to be set in a place I had actually visited. Santorini, Greece! This books follows theContinue reading “Love & Olives”

The Book of Lost Names

Kristin Harmel 4.5 stars!Thank you to goodreads for my 3rd goodreads giveway win!World War II was a horrible time in history and it is important to recognize that. I have read so many books set in this time period and every time I learn something new. I simply loved this. I’ve always loved novels thatContinue reading “The Book of Lost Names”

Clockwork Princess

Cassandra Clare 5 Stars! Will. Jem. Tessa. Never did I think that these names would come to mean so much to me. I read this series on recommendation from a friend, but the friend in question only really enjoyed The Dark Artifices and just told me to read the rest of the books first so thatContinue reading “Clockwork Princess”

Grant Beagan: The Finder’s Code

Jonathan Miller 1 star This was my second goodreads giveaway win.Here is the thing about this book. I understand that when a book is independently published the writing may not be quite as edited as one published through a more traditional route, but I have read many independently published books and not had a problemContinue reading “Grant Beagan: The Finder’s Code”