All Summer Long

Hope Larson

3 Stars

My first goodreads giveaway win!!!
I don’t really read graphic novels very much except for some Raina Telgemeier when I was younger, but I decided to enter the giveaway on a whim and ended up winning a copy. I thought that this book had a fairly average plot and I liked the fact that it showcased Bina’s interest in music. A lot of middle grade books have the theme of friends growing apart, but did liked how in the end this concluded with Bina and Austin coming to a kind of happy medium of being friends with one another, while also spending enough time apart to pursue their own interests and acknowledge their differences. I feel like the characterization was not very strong in this book, but that seems understandable because it isn’t very long, and most of the space is taken up by pictures, not words. Since art is a large part of the storytelling in graphic novels, I think that I should say I found the art in this book really interesting. The black, white, and orange color palette made for a simple design but still gave it more complexity than just a black and white format.
In the end, I think this was a fun, short read which could be read by almost any age.

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