Map to the Stars

Jen Malone

4.5 stars
This was so much fun! I was surprised to find this book on Kindle unlimited because most large publishers such as Harper Collins do not put their books up there. I love Jen Malone’s books, Wanderlost being one of my favorites, but I had not read this one because it was not available at my local library and I did not know it only came in ebook form. I loved Annie’s passion for architecture and Graham’s insecurities despite being a big star. This was not that long so it seemed a bit rushed at times, but that also added to the whirlwind aspect of it. Although the story might have been slightly unbelievable (I find it difficult to believe that Graham never had any other kids around who were his own age, and the first time he does, this happens), and Annie was the classic “different from all the other girls” main character I still found it an interesting read. I also appreciated how the books touched on its own unrealisticness and addressed how it would be very difficult for Annie and Graham, even if they did end up with a happy ending, as well as addressing how what Graham did was wrong even if it was empowering people. I also liked how Annie’s relationship with her father was portrayed as more complicated than what it was at first glance. Overall, I found this to be a short light read that is great for a little escape from reality.

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